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What helps you have a great ride?


The services we provide are all geared toward offering you the best possible ride considering what you want to do on a bike. In an effort to be as efficient as possible and keep you on your bike longer we request that you schedule your bike in for service. You can do this by phone  or simply by stopping by and letting us know. We realize that not all bike needs are planned events. If you come upon some misfortune unexpectedly, please bring your bike in and we will be happy to get you up and running as quickly as possible. 

Bike Service

We service all types of bikes. Our exceptional  mechanics take each bike very seriously and get to know each bike and customer individually to provide the best service possible. Our primary focus is providing you with the best ride possible and keeping you riding.


Nearly every day something interesting and innovative is happening here. Today we’re retrofitting a race bike for electronic shifting Di2 components. Tomorrow we might be building a wheelset made to travel the globe. It’s very likely you will find us building a new bike for a very excited customer!


Bike Fitting

Our professional fitting services are top notch and consider you as a rider. We start with the position of your cleats and work up from there considering every aspect of your position on the bike and each point of contact. We are confident your ride will be markedly better after a professional fitting with us. All new bike purchases include a Professional Fitting; it’s that important to us that you have one done when getting a new bike.


Appointments for fittings are on hold for time being....


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