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A clean and professionally tuned bike is a happy bike! Our professionally trained and certified mechanics are the best around with full Professional Bicycle Mechanic certification from the Winterbourne Bicycle Institute. At Velocity Bike Werx want to get you out on your bike worry free, with a smile on your face.

Whether its just a lazy shifter, a flat tire repair or a full blown bike rebuild, we'll get your repair done right away so you can get back enjoying riding. Almost all of our services can be completed on-site (at your home or office) or turned around in 24 hours, depending on the complexity and/or availability of required components.


Our services are outlined in three basic packages listed below, We also have prices for individual services if that is all that your bike requires. All prices shown are for labor only, parts and HST are extra. 

Bronze Service-$75 plus HST

Very basic but often quite revealing..

  Basic Safety inspection and adjust 

DISTANCE CHARGE - $2 per km over our 15km radius from Sugarbush/Coulson ON.

- Test-ride before and after service.

- Report to you with a report of bike condition.

- Brakes - check pads condition and adjust as required.

- Gears  - check shift quality and adjust as required.

- Chain  - check condition, wipe and lubricate.

- Tires   - inspect and  inflate to proper pressure.

- Bolt and fasteners  - check for proper tightness.


Silver service -  $110 plus HST

Our most common bike service, this is usually what a complete tune-up entails..


 Bronze service plus :


DISTANCE CHARGE - $2 per km over our 15km radius from Sugarbush/Coulson ON.

- any cable replacement as required

- gears, tires, rims, suspension, saddle, grips/tape         inspected for  safety and wear and replaced as required.

- braking surfaces cleaned, pads replaced as required

- hubs are adjusted and rims trued and dished as required.

- headset and bottom bracket inspected and adjusted as     required.

- seatpost, skewers and quill stems lubricated.


Service fee includes labor for any installation of required parts - additional labor and all parts are extra!


Gold Service - $175 plus HST

A clean bike is a happy bike..


Includes Silver service plus:

DISTANCE CHARGE - $2 per km over our 15km radius from Sugarbush/Coulson ON.


- Complete drivetrain cleaning - looking for like-new               appearance and function? 

 - All drivetrain parts (such as deraileurs, chain, chainrings   and cassette are degreased,  rinsed, re-installed, adjusted   and lubricated.

- Complete frame and wheelset cleaning - frame, fork and       wheelset are hand-washed and dried.


This service is a great choice for our busy riders - a valuable full-service!

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