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Bike Rentals

Rent a bike for a part day, full day or multiple days. We use a comfort-style bike that works best for touring Orillia's bike path system but they are right at home on the areas rail trails too! 

We have smaller mountain bike style bikes for the smaller and junior riders from 7 years old and up and we rent a child trailer if the child is too small for a bike rental.

By spring 2018, we plan to have a tandem for rent as well (hopefully..) an electric bike or two as well.



All prices are subject to Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) of 13%

A part day is up to 4 hrs, a full day is 4 to 24 hrs hrs.


Comfort bike  - part day $25.00

                          -  full day $40.00

Junior mtb      -  part day $15.00

                          -   full day  $25.00

Child trailer   - part day $12.00

                         - full day   $18.00

Tandem           - part day $35.00

                         - full day  $50.00

Electric bike   - part day $40.00

                         - full day  $60.00

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