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Book your Spring 2023 bike service now!

Velocity Bikewerx is your mobile bicycle repair solution. We have have repair van with everything required on-board and work at your location i.e., home, work, trailhead etc. With 20 years of professional bicycle repair experience In the Orillia/Horseshoe Valley and Barrie area, we will get your bike serviced and back under you fast! Bike repair was and is an essential service and we have been hard at work servicing bicycles to get you and your family back to riding as soon as possible.

       Some advantages over a brick and mortar bike store/repair shop:​​

  • Appointments are made by you.

  • We come to you, when are where you want.

  • No backlog - you know exactly when your bike will be serviced.

  • Respectful of your time! No trips to the bike shop to drop the bike, then a SECOND trip back to the shop for pick-up.

  • Bike(s) can be left in a safe place to be serviced and placed there when finished - no actual face-to-face required.   

  • Multiple bikes can be serviced at one time with no distractions.        

  • Payment can be made via credit/debit or e-transfer on-site. 

  • Please select an appropriate service, select a time and day from the calendar and you are done!


Also, when you book a service with us, rest assured that we respect social distancing and are sanitizing the bike before and after our service. It will be leaned back against the house or garage by our mechanic with clean gloves on.